2017 Winter Collection

Our 2017/18 Winter Collection is our most focused ever. When we set out to design a new piece—a new jacket, a new pair of pants, a new glove or midlayer—it’s not just on a whim. We don’t make gear just for the sake of growing the line or expanding for expansion’s sake. That’s not our style. Instead, we set out with a purpose, a goal, a specific hole we’re trying to fill as skiers first. Women asked for a bib ski pant, so we created the Foxy Bib. Backcountry skiers wanted a super lightweight, streamlined kit, so we built the Genius Jacket and IQ Pant from scratch. We use and wear everything we make; if we’re not using it, not skiing in it every day, then we stop making it. Simple as that.This new collection is actually the same size as in yearspast, same number of products, just with improved styles, updated features, and holes filled where we thought it was needed. No matter what, we’re staying independent, growing sustainably, mindfully, and two core skiers are still the ones designing your gear. We’re watching every step forward we take and doing it with purpose. Thanks for checking it out.


There’s always that guy in the liftline or at the trailhead. He’s got a frosty
beard, battered work gloves, an oversized backpack, and a jacket stained with hot sauce from this morning’s breakfast burrito. His skis look like massive planks and his goggle tan lasts into summer. He’s out there every day, braving blizzards and spring melts, hunting for untracked snow. The lifties have a nickname for him; the coffee girl knows his order. Here at Flylow, we share this singular dedication to finding powder and a devotion to the quirky mountain lifestyle that comes with it. We know what it feels like to posthole a bootpack for three perfect turns or drive all night in a squall to catch first tram. We understand that skiing isn’t just a sport—it’s a tribe, a following, a pledge to the mountains. So to that guy, we hear you. We’ll see you on the next storm day.



You have the freedom to be yourself, to find your own path in the world. And you choose to be a skier. Smart girl. You have found the best version of yourself on snow-slathered summits, rambling chairlift rides with friends, and in remote mountain huts. The least we can do is keep you warm, dry, and looking good while you’re out there being you.