Men's Habitat Line


Habitat Line

These are the clothes you live in every single day. The shirt you throw on when you wake up. The beanie you wear eight days in a row. The pants you wear when you’re not wearing ski pants. We designed this line because skiers wear their gear off the hill, too, and you need clothes that’ll last and function at a high level, even when you’re just hauling too many bags through the airport or shoveling snow off your deck. We could call it technical après-ski gear, but that just sounds ridiculous. So we’ll call it the Habitat Line instead.


Quintessential pieces for anyone who spends time in the mountains, the Sinclair Insulated Flannel and Yukon Pant is your go-to uniform for say, a Tuesday night in October, or any day in any month, for that matter. From cool summer nights to the middle of winter, these are year-round essentials. Pair this shirt-slash- jacket with these tough, canvas-like pants and you could literally conquer anything, be it that pesky spreadsheet you’ve been ignoring or the pile of wood begging to be chopped.


You need sturdy work pants that are durable, comfortable, and that you can wear year-round and on repeat without doing the laundry. That’s the Yukon Pant. Pair it with the Handlebar Tech Flannel and you’ll be unstoppable. The shirt has magic superpower. It looks like a normal flannel, but it’s so much more. It keeps you warm when it’s wet out. It dries quickly. You’ll wear it mountain biking in the fall. Dress like you own the place. Maybe one day you will.